Types of Suit Jackets: 9 Details About Suit Jacket Styles Every Man Should Know

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A man’s wardrobe is incomplete without a perfectly fitted suit. And in choosing that suit, you need to know these 9 suit jacket styles and how they reflect your personal style.

Ready to choose a suit jacket that fits you perfectly and looks stylish? Here are the design elements you should consider when looking for a perfect fit suit jacket.

1. Types of Suit Jackets: Single versus Double Breasted Suit Jackets

The first detail you should look at for a suit is whether it is a single breasted suit jacket or double breasted. The single-breasted jacket, while the more classic style, is also the most popular. These types of suit jackets generally feature anywhere from two to three buttons.

On the other hand, a double-breasted jacket is a more formal suit jacket. It comes standard with 6 buttons and can carry as much as eight buttons and as low as four.

Another defining feature is that while a single-breasted suit jacket has mostly notch lapels, a double-breasted jacket has primarily peak lapels.

2. Choose the Right Collar and Suit Jacket Lapels

Notch (stepped) Lapel: Most popular and often paired with single breasted suit jackets, sports coats, and blazers. The ‘notch’ refers to the area where the bottom of the collar meets the top of the lapel.

Peak (Pointed) Lapel: A peak lapel is only done by the most skilled of artisans. Having been around for more than 100 years, it is a fashion-forward design that features edges pointing upwards to the shoulders where the collar meets the lapel.

Shawl Lapel: This style is typical for tuxedos and dinner jackets. It is a rounded edge with a continuous curve and no breaks or points in the lapel.

A notch and peak lapel may feature a buttonhole. The buttonhole now mostly serves an aesthetic purpose or if you wish to wear a boutonniere. 

3. Suit Jacket Buttons

Suit jackets are also differentiated based on the number of buttons they have. When shopping for a suit blazer (or blazer), you have the option of one, two, or three button suit jackets. But, no matter the style, one rule is universal – never button the last button on a suit jacket that has more than one button.

4. The Cut or Shape of the Suit

Suit jackets are also described based on how the jacket is shaped or cut. Here are the three most popular cuts.

  • Fitted Silhouette Jackets: Fitted suit jackets are designed as a tailored fit that showcases a man’s shape. It features limited padding and the use of high armholes to enhance posture. This cut is therefore ideal for men who are in shape.
  • Structured Silhouette Jackets: A formal design, the structured cut features padded shoulders and a trim waist design.
  • Sack Cut Suit Jacket: One of the least popular types of current jacket, the cut allows the wearer to hide their shape. Plus, it fits any body shape. It is a very clean looking design with a straight hanging detail and narrow shoulders. 

5. Shirt Jacket Shoulder Design

But no matter the shape or cut, if the jacket shoulders do not fit properly, you will never get the jacket to fit just right. The jacket shoulder is the foundation of your jacket style and comes in three styles.

  • Soft or unstructured shoulder: this style uses little to no padding. The shoulder is therefore more sloped. This is a casual suit jacket design and typical for weekend suits and sportscoats.
  • Structured shoulder design: Made with a padded shoulder, it allows the suit jacket to hold its shape.
  • Roped Shoulder: This is a lightly padded shoulder with a large sleeve head extending upward at the shoulder line.

6. Pocket Types for Your Suit Jacket

Another design feature to consider when choosing your jacket is the type of pocket. Your options include:

  • Jetted pocket
  • Angled pocket
  • Ticket pocket
  • Patch pocket
  • Flap pocket

You jacket breast pocket should be proportionate and match in design the main suit jacket pocket.

7. Suit Jacket Sleeve Buttons

Another defining feature of a suit jacket is the number of buttons on the sleeve. These range from one to four buttons and can be designed as spaced, kissing, or stacked on each other.

8. Suit Jacket Lining

For interior lining options in your jacket, you have three: unlined, fully lined, or half lined. Inner lining can come in a variety of natural fibre fabrics. If the jacket is not lined, check to ensure that the internal stitching is detailed and beautiful.

9. Suit Jacket Vents

When looking at a jacket, don’t only focus on how the front looks. The back is equally as important. And this is where you consider the vent. A vent is a slit in the back of your suit jacket or blazer. 

  • Single Vent Suit Jacket: A single vent features a slit in the centre of the back of the jacket.
  • Double Vent Suit Jacket: Double vents jackets are designed with a vent on either side of the back panel.
  • Ventless Suit Jacket: These are jackets without vents in the back.

Choosing one or the other style depends on your needs, tastes, and physique. If you want to discuss how this would impact you, you can speak with one of our personal stylists.

Suit Jacket Styles – Finding Your Perfect Style

What does your suit jacket say about you and your style?

Knowing these suit jacket details and getting a suit jacket that fits you well will make you look stylish, slimmer, and taller. If you would like to know what your options are for a quality suit jacket designed just for you, then speak to a personal stylist at Harlequin Suits and Blazers.

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